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cruciform brooch
6thc horse head terminal
 of cruciform brooch.
6thc small-long brooch.
6thc wrist clasp.
1. cruciform brooch 2. brooch terminal 3. small-long brooch 4. wristclasp
large ring brooch
6thc purse mount and/or
strike-a-light - 6thc spiral-head pin
6thc belt mount - copper-alloy with silver and gilt inlay.
See Sutton Hoo treasure for similar mounts.
5. ring brooch 6. purse mount 7. spiral-head pin 8. belt mount
contemporary forgery
Merovingian tremiss.
silver-gilt - 6thc small equal-arm brooch 
and inlaid strap-end.
7th-9thc equal-arm (ansata) brooch.
late7th - 9thc buckle with ring-dot belt loop
9. tremiss forgery 10. brooch & strap-end 11. ansata brooch 12. buckle
inlaid strap-end
late-Saxon decorated strap-end
late-Saxon facet head decorated 
silver pin.
9thc decorated stirrup mounts.
late-Saxon - 10thc.
13. strap-end 14. strap-end 15. silver pin 16. stirrup mounts

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