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various decorated hook
fasteners - 16thc 16th-17thc buckles decorated spectacle
buckle - 16th-17thc shoe or clog hook
fasteners - 18thc
1. fasteners 2. buckles 3. buckle 4. fasteners
various buttons
16th-18thc various fob decorations
18th-19thc silver bodkin
initials 'I W'
17thc whistle
5. buttons 6. decorations 7. bodkin 8. whistle
furniture escutcheons or
handle mounts 17-19thc horse harness boss
18-19thc pastry cutter wheel
?18thc various size small weights
for use on balance scales
9. mounts 10. boss 11. cutter 12. weights
spigot -  part of 
barrel tap clapper from
small bell scale tang knife with
decorated bone handle brass and iron
jews harps
13. spigot 14. clapper 15. knife 16. jews harps

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