This section is dedicated to the decoration of the horse in Medieval times. Many fine pieces have been unearthed by metal detectorists over the years adding to the evidence from manuscript sources. Those of you that have access to back copies of Treasure Hunting magazine may also find useful information in my articles MEDIEVAL HARNESS PENDANTS of December 1986; May 1987; July 1987

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fly terret or crest
with acorn pendants obverse and reverse of
openwork pendant fleur-de-lis pendant
heavy gilding sheet metal pendant
with heavy gilding
1. fly terret 2. pendant 3. pendant 4. pendant
shield shaped pendant with traces of 
silvering  and red enamel shield shaped pendant with
heavy silvering quatrefoil pendant
red crown over ?white 'H' gilt cross and mullets on
a red enamel field
5. pendant 6. pendant 7. pendant 8. pendant
six compartments with
floral decoration sexfoil pendant inside
similar lobed frame
heavily silvered shield shaped pendant
with lion rampant lozenge shaped pendant
9. pendant 10. pendant 11. pendant 12. pendant
small pendant with ring 
decoration in open frame cruciform pendant hanger 
used at junction of two straps
heavy silvering obverse and reverse of
enamelled pendant hanger single pendant hanger
silvering present
13. pendant 14. hanger 15. hanger 16. hanger

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