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13th-15thc casket key small casket keys and
barrel padlock key
(lower left) barrel padlock showing
internal barb springs
and slide key
1. keys 2. casket key 3. small keys 4. barrel padlock
more barrel padlocks chape from sword
scabbard chapes from dagger scabbards
example on right possibly 
late-Medieval - Tudor metal frame of purse
with swivel-loop
to attach to belt
5. padlocks 6. sword chape 7. dagger chapes 8. purse bar
purse bar with large
swivel-loop zoomorphic pouring spout
from ewer or water vessel zoomorphic bowl mount
for ring handle - 12thc decorated folding
mirror case
9. purse bar 10. spout 11. bowl mount 12. mirror case
tumbrel or coin balance
for weighing single pennies
14th-15thc tweezers with large
flat head pilgrims ampulla for
holding holy water
crowned 'W' for Walsingham Papal bulla or seal
Pope Clement V
13. tumbrel 14. tweezers 15. ampulla 16. bulla

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